Here’s a little more about me and my what, why, and how.

My background is in visual design and display, merchandising, sales and training, and interior and floral design.

As a kid, I enjoyed making art and art history, antiques, music, reading, and writing. I went to school for floral design and horticulture, became a floral designer, and earned my certification in interior designer from the Metropolitan Institute of Design in New York.

  My marketing experience began with Apple Computer in 1998. I spent five years working with them through an outsource marketing company. Based in New York City, I was responsible for the reseller channel in the North East and later in the South East. Prior to the launch of Apple’s own retail stores, I ensured delivery of Apple’s corporate brand identity, image, strategy, and training.

  Presenting and selling Apple was a challenge before iPod and iPhone! There were many objections to overcome from store managers, sales associates, and customers alike.  I conducted training, ensured proper display of marketing assets, and maintained the Apple ‘store-within-a-store’ experience. I increased sales and product knowledge in my NYC market for which I received several acknowledgments and awards from Apple and won several sales contests.

  I later relocated to the South East region where I supervised more than forty part-time ‘Apple Power Reps’ in ten states. I attended several Macworld Expos and received world-class training at the Apple Campus. Working with Apple was truly a privilege and a pleasure, and got me hooked on marketing and the minimalist design aesthetic!

“As a small business owner myself, it is my passion to assist others to better fulfill their dreams.” ~ KL

  I guide and support solopreneurs and small business owners to build better businesses by using creative strategies and practical tactics. I am a partner in Cincinnati based Telemedia Technologies, Inc., a business that my husband’s father started in New York in 1970. We relocated to Cincinnati in 2011 to our dream cabin in the woods. We are excited to offer our combined expertise to individuals and small businesses as well as to our corporate customers.

  As American Express Shop Small® Consultants, we are committed to helping area businesses show their customers that they’re proud to serve them and be a part of their community by helping to plan and organize their events and activities. In our consulting business we create targeted and strategic online marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and increase customer engagement and retention.

Old School meets the Digital Age by combining techniques such as online presence, social follower amplification, nurturing email sequence, webinar, and summit campaigns with tried-and-true in-person events, workshops, networking, demo days, and community involvement activities.

  I also have many interests and I love learning new skills and everything entrepreneurial! I always have a lot of projects going on, from writing and publishing, web and graphic design, interior design and floral design, affiliate marketing, brand representation and, networking. I have three amazing daughters of whom I am super proud!

  I would love to hear from you! Let me know what kind of business you have or what kind of projects you are interested in. To learn more about how we can help you start or grow a business, send me an email at hello@katherinelent.com.

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